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Stephen is one of the most written-to MPs in the country, nevertheless, he responds to every piece of correspondence that he receives. However, please be aware that, as a result of the huge volume of emails and letters that he receives, it is often not possible for him to respond within two weeks (particularly if you have raised a concern that requires him to contact a Government Minister).

Please remember to include your full home postal address (not just the postcode). We require this for two reasons: firstly to check that you are a constituent in Bristol West* and secondly so that we have an address that we can post Stephen's response to.

If you would prefer to receive his response via email then please indicate this in your comments on the form. In addition, if you would prefer to send your comments anonymously, you can leave the name and e-mail fields blank. Bear in mind, however, that if you do not provide these details then Stephen will be unable to reply to any questions you pose.

Finally, before you fill out this form, you may find it beneficial to look at Stephen's views on key issues, in case the subject you are interested in has already been responded to by Stephen on this website. Similarly, if you are contacting Stephen about an Early Day Motion (EDM), please consult the online list of EDMs that Stephen has signed in case Stephen has already put his name to the Early Day Motion you are contacting him about.

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*Please note that Parliamentary protocol dictates that MPs may only respond to correspondence from their own constituents. To check that Stephen is your MP please visit and enter your postcode.

If you have comments or queries regarding our web site or any aspect of what we do, you can contact us directly by post at Stephen Williams
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