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MP speaks in Gaza debates

1.00.00pm BST (GMT +0100) Tue 22nd Jun 2010

Stephen Williams in Gaza (photography: Alexander Woodman)

Stephen Williams took the opportunity to speak in Parliamentary debates on the 14 and 15 of June regarding the Middle Eastern peace process. Having visited Gaza in March 2010, where he witnessed the direct impact of the conflict first-hand, Stephen continues to be vocal on the need for an acceleration of peaceful negotiations and greater UK and EU involvement in ensuring the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

In the House of Commons debate on the 14 June Stephen summarised his points with this closing statement:

"The UK Government should use our membership of the European Union to be more active in putting pressure on the state of Israel, and also on Egypt. The objective should be to lift the siege, and not only for humanitarian aid; indeed, I am a little worried about the frequent references to humanitarian aid. The full range of goods and services that we take for granted in our society should be allowed in. That is needed in Gaza to allow people to rebuild a fully functioning market economy.

"The EU is in a good position to apply leverage on the state of Israel through our trade agreements with it. The EU can also potentially play an important role in enabling access to goods and services for Gaza."

He then spoke in a Westminster Hall debate the following day.

To read the full transcript of Stephen's speech please visit this link:

In order to read more about Stephen's visit to Gaza please follow this link:

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