Having Fun in Bristol

No matter what time of the day or year you are hanging out in Bristol, there is always plenty to do. Bristol has a compact city center, much of which is pedestrianized, adding to the night time ambiance of the place. Although not a party town per se, the streets are loaded with pubs and restaurants, and the nightlife is particularly vibrant, much of which can be attributed to the Univsmall-barersity of Bristol and its thousands of students.

There are numerous clubs and pubs to enjoy after sun down in Bristol, the majority of which can be found on King Street, near the harbor to the south of the city center. The atmosphere is more laid-back than in Bristol’s neighboring town of Bath, although there is no lack of up market establishments to choose from, ranging from glitzy bars to traditional pubs and even a nightclub housed in a converted ship. The Thelka is an old freight steamer that is moored on the Grove and is popular among students, as is the Baroque at Byron Place.

King Street is noted for the already mentioned Bristol Old Vic, the oldest working theater in the UK, which is particularly revered for its high-class performances, many of which are Shakespeare plays. The new Vic Studio and the Basement Theatre are also popular, while St George’s is a converted church located on Great George Street that is known for its classical music performances. However, Bristol has more to offer than just classical music, with all of the popular musical genres represented at venues city-wide, from acid house to rock and jazz: bands like Portishead or Massive Attack, as well as solo artists like Tricky, hail from here.

Bristol’s vibrancy and party atmosphere is made all the more exciting with the inclusion of many popular festivals and events that take place throughout the year. Street fairs and parades are particularly popular in Bristol and there are also many carnivals and sporting events staged here.