5 Things A Bachelor of Law Can Teach You

Earning a Bachelor of Law degree offers unexpected life lessons in addition to being the first crucial step toward your law career.
1. Work smarter AND harder. In a demanding field, like law, you cannot rely on the adage, “Work smarter, not harder.” There is simply too much detailed knowledge for simplistic shortcuts. However, being organized and skimming for the key points before heavy reading will help you digest the cases much more quickly, so apply your most effective study skills to work longer, harder, and smarter.
2. Librarians are research heroes. If you’ve made it to law school without acknowledging the superior research skills and knowledge of your librarians, law school will attempt to remedy that error. Librarians often know off the tops of their heads, or can find within seconds, the info it would take you all afternoon to track down.
3. Work ethic. The work load and competition are both heavier at law school than in high school. Many law students find they need to study several hours longer each day.
4. Focus. When the work load piles up while you are not yet practicing law, you may question your career choice. This is the point where focus helps remind you of your ultimate goals.
5. Grace and polish under pressure. People have strong opinions about lawyers, and they will share them with you long before you sit for the bar exam. It’s great practice for the gracious people skills you’ll use in your practice and in the courtroom.